Core Set of Child Health Care Quality Measures for Medicaid (Child Core Set), 2017

Category Measure
Primary care access and preventive care
  • Weight assessment and counseling for nutrition and physical activity for children/adolescents (NQF #0024)
  • Chlamydia screening in women age 16–-20 (NQF #0033)
  • Childhood immunization status (NQF #0038)
  • Well-child visits in the first 15 months of life (NQF #1392)
  • Immunizations for adolescents (NQF #1407)
  • Developmental screening in the first three years of life (NQF #1448)
  • Well-child visits in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth years of life (NQF #1516)
  • Children and adolescents’ access to primary care practitioners
  • Adolescent well-care visit
Maternal and perinatal health
  • Pediatric central line-associated bloodstream infections—neonatal intensive care unit and pediatric intensive care unit (NQF #0139)
  • Cesarean section (NQF #0471)
  • Audiological evaluation no later than three months of age (NQF #1360)
  • Live births weighing less than 2,500 grams (NQF #1382)
  • Contraceptive care—postpartum women age 15–20 (NQF #2902)
  • Behavioral health risk assessment (for pregnant women)
  • Frequency of ongoing prenatal care (NQF #1391)
  • Prenatal and postpartum care: Timeliness of prenatal care (NQF #1517)
Care of acute and chronic conditions
  • Ambulatory care—emergency department visits
  • Medication management for people with asthma
 Behavioral health
  • Follow-up care for children prescribed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication (NQF #0108)
  • Follow-up after hospitalization for mental illness (NQF #0576)
  • Child and adolescent major depressive disorder: Suicide risk assessment (NQF #1365)
  • Use of first-line psychosocial care for children and adolescents on antipsychotics (NQF #2801)
  • Use of multiple concurrent antipsychotics in children and adolescents
Oral health
  • Dental sealants for 6–9 year-old children at elevated caries risk (NQF #2508)
  • Percentage of eligibles who received preventive dental services
Experience of care
  • Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) health plan survey, version 5.0 (child versions including Medicaid and children with chronic conditions supplemental items)

Note: Measures that have received National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsement are indicated with the relevant number. NQF endorsement is not a prerequisite for inclusion in the child core set.
Source: Department of Health and Human Services. 2017. Medicaid and CHIP programs: 2017 core set of children’s health care quality measures for Medicaid (child core set).