Medically Needy Program Thresholds as Percent of FPL, 2016

Notes: FPL is federal poverty level. Under the medically needy option, individuals with higher incomes can spend down to the medically needy income level shown here by deducting incurred medical expenses from the amount of income that is counted for Medicaid eligibility purposes. Five states (Connecticut, Louisiana, Michigan, Vermont, and Virginia) have a medically needy income standard that varies by location; the highest income standard is listed for each of these states.
1 Massachusetts provides medically needy coverage for individuals age 65 and older and those who are eligible on the basis of disability, but the rules for counting income and spend-down expenses vary for these groups.

Source: MACStats, Exhibit 36: Medicaid Income Eligibility Levels as a Percentage of the FPL for Individuals Age 65 and Older and Persons with Disabilities by State, 2016.