Public Comments

MACPAC holds frequent public meetings to discuss Medicaid and CHIP issues and policy questions and to develop its reports and recommendations. At these meetings, Commission staff and external experts present research and policy options for Commissioner discussion. Time for public comment is provided at multiple points during each public meeting. All meetings are held in Washington, DC.

Agendas, presentation slides, and transcripts for each meeting will be posted as soon as they are available. Agendas are usually posted one week before the meeting; transcripts and presentation slides are typically available one week after the meeting.

MACPAC’s work and recommendations are informed by consulting with states, state Medicaid directors and also from input from Medicaid and CHIP’s various stakeholders. In addition to meeting with stakeholders directly, and obtaining input from comments made at our public meetings, we also invite interested parties to submit comments on our work throughout the year. To submit comments, please email

When submitting your comments, please include your name and affiliation. MACPAC is unable to respond to individual comments, nor can we guarantee that comments will be specifically reflected in our work products.