States’ Medicaid Fee-for-Service Nursing Facility Payment Policies

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October 2014

In order to better inform analysis of existing policies and development of future policies that affect Medicaid payments, this table documents each state’s fee-for-service (FFS) nursing facility payment policy, including how individual states set their payment rates and the various adjustments and supplemental payments that states make. The tab labeled “summary” presents summary data for each state in each of these categories. The data in the summary tab are linked to state-specific tabs that present a more detailed picture of each state’s Medicaid FFS nursing facility payment policy.

MACPAC has also published an issue brief on State Medicaid Policies for Nursing Facilities.

Publication Type: State Policy Compendia

Tags: behavioral health, cost-based reimbursement, fee for service, long-term services and supports, nursing facilities, payment, supplemental payments, Upper Payment Limit (UPL)