Access and Quality

One of the key tests of the effectiveness of a health care coverage program is whether it provides access to appropriate health care services in a timely manner and whether those services promote health improvements. Learn more about MACPAC's work on how Medicaid and CHIP enrollees use health services.

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Monitoring Access to Care in Medicaid

March 2017 |

Chapter 4 looks at how states are monitoring access in Medicaid programs. As Medicaid enrollment and spending grow, federal and state governments alike want to ensure that it is effective—that is, not only that they are paying appropriately for care but also that beneficiaries have sufficient access to necessary care. The chapter begins by defining […]

Access in Brief: Children’s Use of Behavioral Health Services

June 2016 |

Children with Medicaid or CHIP are disproportionately affected by behavioral health disorders and are more likely to see a mental health professional or a general doctor for an emotional or behavioral problem than their privately insured counterparts. Children enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP were also prescribed medication for mental difficulties at a higher rate than […]