Commission Staff
Anne L. Schwartz, Ph.D., Executive Director

Annie Andrianasolo, M.B.A., Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Kathryn Ceja, Director of Communications

Policy Analysis

Amy Bernstein, Sc.D., Policy Director and Contracting Officer
Moira Forbes, M.B.A., Policy Director
April Grady, M.P.Aff., Policy Director
Mary Ellen Stahlman, M.H.S.A., Policy Director and Congressional Affairs

Principal Analysts

Martha Heberlein, M.A.
Joanne Jee, M.P.H.
Chris Peterson, M.P.P.
Anna Sommers, Ph.D.
James Teisl, M.P.H.
Kristal Vardaman, M.S.P.H.

Senior Analysts

Veronica Daher, J.D.
Benjamin Finder, M.P.H.
Robert Nelb, M.P.H.
Chris Park, M.S.
Katie Weider, M.P.H.


Sarah Melecki, M.P.Aff.

Research Assistant

Nicholas Elan

Operations and Finance

Ricardo Villeta, M.B.A., Deputy Director for Operations, Finance and Management
Jim Boissonnault, M.A., Chief Information Officer
Vincent Calvo, Administrative Assistant
Ben Granata, Finance/Budget Specialist
Saumil Parikh, M.B.A., Information Technology Specialist
Ken Pezzella, Chief Financial Officer
Eileen Wilkie,
Administrative Officer