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One of the key tests of the effectiveness of a health care coverage program is whether it provides access to appropriate health care services in a timely manner and whether those services promote health improvements. Learn more about MACPAC’s work on access to care for Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries.

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Medicaid Demographic Data Collection

June 17, 2024

Chapter 4 looks at the collection of demographic data in Medicaid. Medicaid plays an important role in providing health insurance coverage to historically marginalized populations, and disparities in health care access and outcomes persist among these populations. However, gaps in demographic data collection can impede efforts to measure and address these health disparities.
As a continuation […]

Medicaid Demographic Data Collection

April 10, 2024

Racial and ethnic health disparities persist throughout the U.S. health care system. Measuring differences in access and use of services, as well as experience and satisfaction of behavioral and mental health care, can help to better understand the underlying causes of disparities. This work is a continuation of the Commission’s March 2024 recommendations for improving […]

School-Based Services for Students Enrolled in Medicaid

March 27, 2024

Schools are an important setting for providing health services to children and adolescents covered by Medicaid, particularly as communities seek to address an increase in behavioral health challenges among young people. This issue brief focuses on Medicaid school-based services provided by personnel employed by a school or by a local education agency. It draws largely […]