Examples of income and resources used to determine financial eligibility for disability and age-related LTSS pathways

Income Resources
Excluded Counted Excluded Counted
Unearned income Earned income
First $65 of monthly earned income plus one-half of remaining amount, up to certain limits Social Security benefits Wages Primary residence Cash
First $30 of infrequent or irregularly received income in a quarter Annuities Net self-employment earnings Household goods and personal effects Liquid resources (e.g. stocks and bonds, mutual fund shares, etc.)
First $20 of monthly unearned income Pensions Payments for services in a sheltered workshop or activities center Value of a burial space Equity value of nonliquid resources unless otherwise excluded
Certain need-based assistance, such as rent subsidies and food stamps Trusts Certain royalties and honoraria One automobile, if used for transportation of applicant or member of applicant’s household Life insurance policy with face value exceeding $1,500
Unemployment Wages Burial funds of $1,500 or less
Workers compensation Net self-employment earnings Life insurance policies with a face value of $1,500 or less
Payments for services in a sheltered workshop or activities center
Certain royalties and honoraria

Sources: MACPAC analysis of Sections 1612 and 1613 of the Social Security Act and 20 CFR 416.1112 and 416.1124.