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Federal Match Rates for Medicaid Administrative Activities

Medicaid administrative activity Federal match rate Social Security Act citation Regulation (all citations are to 42 CFR)
General Medicaid administration 50 percent 1903(a)(7) 432.50, 433.15
General Medicaid eligibility determination and redetermination processes 50 percent 1903(a)(7) 435.1001
Determining presumptive eligibility for children and providing services to presumptively eligible children 50 percent 1903(a)(7) 435.1001
Costs incident to an eye examination or medical examination to determine whether an individual is blind or disabled for eligibility purposes 50 percent 1903(a)(7) 435.1001
Activities conducted by skilled professional medical personnel (and their direct support staff), including training 75 percent 1903(a)(2) 432.50(b)(1);432.50(d); 433.15(b)(5)
Preadmission screening and resident review (PASRR) for individuals with mental illness or mental retardation who are admitted to a nursing facility 75 percent 1903(a)(2)(C), 1919(e)(7) Part 483, subparts C and E; 433.15(b)(9)
Survey and certification of nursing facilities 75 percent 1903(a)(2)(D) No corresponding regulation
Translation and interpretation services for children in families for whom English is not the primary language 75 percent 1903(a)(2)(E) No corresponding regulation
Operation of an approved Medicaid management information system (MMIS) for claims and information processing 75 percent 1903(a)(3)(B) 433, subpart C; 432.50(b)(2); 433.15(b)(3), (4); 433.116; 433.117(c)
Medical and utilization review activities performed by an external quality review organization (EQRO) or quality improvement organization (QIO) 75 percent 1903(a)(3)(C) 433.15(b)(6)
Quality review of Medicaid managed care organizations performed by a EQRO 75 percent 1903(a)(3)(C)(ii) 438.358, 438.320
Operation of a state Medicaid fraud control unit (MFCU) 75 percent 1903(a)(6)(B); 1903(b)(3) 1007.19
Implementation of a state MFCU 90 percent 1903(a)(6)(A); 1903(b)(3) 1007.19
Implementation of an MMIS 90 percent 1903(a)(3)(A)(i) 433 subpart C, 432.50 (b)(3)
Administration of family planning services 90 percent 1903(a)(5) 432.50(b)(5); 433.15(b)(2)
Operation of an approved updated system for eligibility determinations 75 percent 1903(a)(3)(A)(i) 433.112(c)
Administration of incentive payment programs for the adoption of electronic health records (EHR) 90 percent 1903(t) 495 subpart D
Implementation and operation of immigration status verification systems 100 percent  1903(a)(4)  No corresponding regulation
Incentive payments to eligible providers for the adoption of EHR 100 percent 1903(a)(3)(F) 495.320-495.322, 495.326-495.362
MMIS modifications necessary for collection and reporting on child health measures Equivalent to state FMAP rate 1903(a)(3)(A)(iii)

Notes: SSA is Social Security Act. CFR is Code of Federal Regulations. FMAP is Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (the standard federal Medicaid match rate).

If the SSA or CFR describes an administrative activity for which the match rate is 50 percent, it is not included in the table (even though the match rate may be specifically mentioned in statute or regulation). If the SSA or CFR describes a match rate that is no longer applicable or applies to a service or activity that is no longer applicable, it is not included in the table (e.g., 1903(a)(3)(D), which describes a 75 percent match for costs incurred between 1991 and 1993 to adopt a drug use review program).