Medicaid Optional Long-Term Services and Supports

Medicaid optional LTSS servicesNotes: Optional state plan services can vary in terms of the specific services covered; the service delivery location; and the frequency, duration, and scope of services included under each optional benefit. Within waiver programs, states may craft a comprehensive, broad benefit package or conversely, a narrow and limited set of services. Waiver services may also include services available under the state plan, but by including duplicative services in the waiver, states may provide the services to individuals not eligible under mandatory pathways or may provide services in excess of the limits on state plan services. States also have the ability to specify unique service delivery methods, such as self-direction, available to waiver participants. HCBS can be offered in a variety of community-based settings, including in the participant’s home, in residential settings such as group homes or assisted living facilities, and in other community settings such as the participant’s job or day habilitation center.

 Source: MACPAC 2014.