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December 2016 Public Meeting

The main focus of the morning session at the December 2016 Commission meeting was the discussion of the draft recommendations on the future of CHIP and children’s coverage. The Commission voted on final recommendations at the conclusion of this discussion.

In the afternoon, the Commission heard from federal and state officials on program integrity in Medicaid managed care.* The panel was followed by presentations of three new Medicaid access to care analyses: (1) access monitoring under fee-for-service Medicaid; (2) use of non-emergency medical transportation; and (3) rates of preventable hospitalizations, readmissions, and emergency department visits in Medicaid compared to private insurance.

Friday’s sessions began with an overview of CMS’s final and proposed Medicaid and CHIP eligibility rules. The meeting concluded with two sessions on disproportionate share hospitals (DSH), including a profile of different types of hospitals receiving DSH payments, and analyses of different methods for targeting DSH payments to safety-net providers.

* No slide presentations were provided for this session.


  1. Highlights from new edition of MACStats
  2. Future of CHIP and children’s coverage: Discussion of draft recommendation and vote
  3. Access monitoring under Medicaid fee for service
  4. Use of non-emergency medical transportation
  5. Potentially preventable events: Comparing Medicaid and privately insured populations
  6. Review of proposed and final Medicaid and CHIP eligibility rules
  7. Disproportionate share hospital profiles
  8. Targeting disproportionate share hospital payment: Further analysis