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February 2015 Public Meeting

The February 2015 meeting opened with a discussion on the future of children’s coverage—both short-term funding of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and long-term options for improving other sources of coverage for children in the CHIP income range.

The February meeting also addressed where people with Medicaid get their care; Medicare Savings Programs eligibility and enrollment issues; Medicaid beneficiaries’ use of behavioral health services, with a special session on psychotropic medication use; and an in-depth look at Medicaid dental services for adults.

On day two, the Commission invited Dr. Mark McClellan of the Brookings Institution and Health Affairs editor-in-chief Alan Weil to offer their perspectives on shared savings programs’ potential to slow the rise in Medicaid spending. The final session of the meeting covered the highlights of a February expert roundtable on administrative capacity.


  1. Extending CHIP: Short-Term Issues
  2. Long-Term Policy Options for Children’s Coverage
  3. Medicaid Expansion Update
  4. Sites of Care Serving Medicaid Enrollees
  5. Review of Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Issues
  6. Improving Eligibility and Enrollment for the Medicare Savings Programs
  7. Medicaid Behavioral Health Populations: Use, Needs, and Concerns
  8. Use of Psychotropic Medications by Medicaid Beneficiaries: Patterns and Policy Issues
  9. Coverage of Medicaid Dental Benefits for Adults: February 2015 Presentation
  10. Administrative Capacity Roundtable: Initial Themes