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March 2016 Public Meeting

The March-April two-day meeting focused on MACPAC’s June 2016 Report to Congress on Medicaid and CHIP, with morning sessions devoted to review of draft chapters on Medicaid spending and financing. The first session looked at Medicaid spending through a variety of lenses, including national health expenditures, state and federal budgets, components of growth, and growth among different types of services. It was followed by a review of design considerations for proposals that would reduce federal Medicaid spending with changes to financing and action states might take in response.

Later in the day, the Commission turned its attention to policy options for maintaining, modifying, or repealing Medicaid’s Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMD) exclusion, which prohibits federal payment for services in certain psychiatric institutions. The Commission also resumed its consideration of policy options for coverage of low- and moderate-income children, laying the groundwork for recommendations at the end of 2016.

On the second day the Commission returned for a panel discussion of financing and delivery of long-term care, featuring Stuart Butler of the Brookings Institution and Katherine Hayes of the Bipartisan Policy Center. The meeting concluded with a review of the draft chapter for the Commission’s June report to Congress discussing functional assessment for Medicaid long-term services and supports.


  1. Draft Chapter for the June Report: Medicaid Spending Trends
  2. Draft Chapters for the June Report: Alternative Approaches to Federal Medicaid Financing
  3. The Medicaid Institution for Mental Diseases (IMD) Exclusion
  4. Consideration of Criteria and Options for Children’s Coverage
  5. Comparing Section 1332 and Section 1115 Waivers
  6. Reductions in Adult Eligibility Post-ACA
  7. Draft Chapter for the June Report: Functional Assessments for Long-Term Services and Supports