Medicaid and CHIP in the Context of the ACA

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March 2014 | Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA, P.L. 111-148, as amended) is changing the insurance landscape by creating new health coverage opportunities for millions of people. Chapter 1 of MACPAC’s March 2014 report raises key questions about whether new benefit packages in the health insurance exchanges meet the needs of medically frail and disabled individuals, and how increased Medicaid enrollment affects the ability of providers to serve current and new enrollees, particularly in the new adult group. Chapter 1 also suggests issues for future discussion such as the alignment between Medicaid and the exchanges in the managed care market, and whether states that had previously covered adults through Medicaid are rolling back their coverage as the exchanges begin operations. Read more about Medicaid and CHIP in the context of the ACA.

Publication Type: Reports to Congress

From: March 2014 Report to the Congress on Medicaid and CHIP

Tags: access, Affordable Care Act, benefits, churning, continuous eligibility, exchanges, Medicaid expansion, new adult group