Improving Service Delivery to Medicaid Beneficiaries with Serious Mental Illness: Themes from the Roundtable Discussion

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September 2016

This presentation reviews the discussion at a June 2016 roundtable convened to provide insight on improving service delivery for adults with serious mental illness (SMI) who have Medicaid coverage.

Roundtable participants, made up of staff from federal agencies, leadership from state Medicaid and behavioral health agencies, directors of behavioral health organizations, and representatives of provider and consumer groups, had diverse expertise in Medicaid policies and behavioral health services for individuals with SMI. Participants were asked to address specific questions related to barriers to care for adults with SMI and potential Medicaid policy solutions.

Key themes from the discussion included the need for more research; a sharpened focus on early intervention; how to deploy Medicaid’s flexibility to improve service delivery; strategies to overcome access barriers—including those created by payment policies—and how to forge stronger ties with other programs.

Publication Type: Presentations

From: September 2016 MACPAC Public Meeting

Tags: access, adults, behavioral health, benefits, children, institutions for mental diseases (IMD), payment, people with mental illness, serious mental illness, waivers