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Medicaid and the Public Health Emergency

This session provided a brief update as part of MACPAC’s ongoing monitoring of the public health emergency (PHE). The Commission has been closely following the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and state preparations for unwinding the PHE continuous coverage requirement. In particular, the Commission is focused on the potential risk of eligible individuals inappropriately losing coverage as states resume redeterminations, as well as state administrative and system capacity to handle redeterminations.

Given the uncertainty of the timing of the end of the PHE, the potential fiscal implications for states when the enhanced FMAP ends, and the fluidity of the pandemic and economic situation, this session focused on three specific areas of interest: transparency and certainty regarding the date that unwinding activities will commence; considerations tied to decoupling the continuous coverage requirement and enhanced federal match from other PHE authorities; and financial and operational implications stemming from the end of the enhanced match.