Medicaid Coverage of Telemedicine

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September 2017

Telemedicine has the potential to expand access to care—particularly in underserved areas or specialties where there may be few providers—improve health outcomes, and possibly reduce cost. Nearly all state Medicaid programs cover telemedicine in some form. However, evidence on the success of telemedicine is mixed, with some research suggesting that it can be effective for monitoring and serving individuals with chronic conditions, mental health conditions, and people who require dermatology and physical rehabilitation, but more research is needed in other areas. Moreover, although use of telemedicine in Medicaid has grown, there are barriers to its broader implementation.

This presentation reviews federal guidelines for Medicaid coverage of telemedicine and variation in state coverage, and discusses commonly cited barriers to its use, including coverage and payment, connectivity and technology, licensure, and concerns about cost and quality.

Publication Type: Presentations

From: September 2017 MACPAC Public Meeting

Tags: access, information technology, Medicaid, payment, rural