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Panel Discussion: Current and Future Issues Facing the Territories

In this session, the Commission heard from a panel of officials from U.S. territories regarding issues facing their programs, including a major reduction in federal Medicaid funds (or fiscal cliff) that will occur in October 2021 without congressional intervention. Panelists include:

  • Helen Sablan, Medicaid Administrator, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands State Medicaid Agency
  • Jorge Galva Rodriguez, Executive Director, Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration (ASES)
  • Gary Smith, Medicaid Director, U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Human Services

This presentation provided background information for the panel discussion, including an overview of territory Medicaid programs and the Medicaid financing structure that applies to territories. It included information on recent congressional action, and the upcoming fiscal cliff. Additional background information on territory Medicaid programs can be found in our fact sheet, Medicaid and CHIP in the Territories, and territory-specific fact sheets.