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January 2017 Public Meeting

During the January meeting’s morning sessions, the Commission reviewed draft chapters on disproportionate share hospital payment and monitoring access to care in Medicaid, which were planned for publication in the 2017 March Report to Congress on Medicaid and CHIP. The initial afternoon session on Medicaid financing focused on the implications of different design features of proposals to change Medicaid’s financing structure. This analysis used Medicaid administrative data and expanded on material included in the Commission’s June 2016 report.

The meeting wrapped up with sessions on Medicaid’s role as a source of health care coverage for low-income adults, and findings from a project MACPAC conducted with Booz Allen Hamilton on program integrity in Medicaid managed care.


  1. Review of Draft March Report Chapters on Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments
  2. Review of Draft March Report Chapter on Access Monitoring
  3. Alternative Approaches to Medicaid Financing: Background and Context
  4. Alternative Approaches to Medicaid Financing: Choice of Design Elements in Alternative Financing Proposals
  5. Medicaid Coverage for Low-Income Adults: Individual Characteristics and State Approaches
  6. Program Integrity in Medicaid Managed Care