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May 2016 Public Meeting

The first issue on MACPAC’s May agenda was a review of the final Medicaid managed care rule, which modernizes managed care regulations to reflect significant changes in managed care use over the past decade. That session was followed by a session on concerns that could be addressed in an upcoming proposed rule on the Medicaid Eligibility Quality Control and Payment Error Rate Measurement programs. During the morning meeting the Commission also unanimously adopted a conflict of interest policy.

Commissioners returned after lunch to consider elements of a possible children’s coverage recommendations package. Questions raised during the discussion centered around extending the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)—and if so, for how long—as well how to move toward a longer-term vision of children’s coverage that integrates CHIP and other coverage sources. This segment of the meeting also addressed issues surrounding premium assistance in CHIP.

Later in the afternoon, the Commission reviewed two Health and Human Services reports to Congress. In the first of these sessions, the Commission discussed the Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office’s FY 2015 Report to Congress, focusing on areas—such as the Financial Alignment Initiative and Medicare Savings Programs—which may require MACPAC’s comments. The second session summarized the Secretary’s report to Congress on Community First Choice—an option for states to provide personal attendant services as part of long-term services and supports—also with an eye toward MACPAC comments.

The May meeting wrapped up with a discussion of next steps in the Commission’s work on Disproportionate Share Hospital payments.


  1. Review and Vote on Conflict of Interest Policy
  2. Briefing on Final Managed Care Rule
  3. Issues in Forthcoming Proposed Rule on PERM and MEQC
  4. Key Components and Decision Points for the Future of CHIP and Children’s Coverage
  5. Assistance for Purchase of Employer Coverage under CHIP
  6. Review of Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office Report to Congress
  7. Review of HHS Report to Congress on Community First Choice
  8. Next Steps for MACPAC Work on Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments